Rossendale Ladies Choir

Some Members' Experiences


My thoughts when I joined the choir:

• much more formal than expected but realise now that it is a very professional organisation with high standards ......so comfortable with it

• nervous re voice check but made to feel at ease by Kate who boosted my confidence

• made to feel welcome by everyone and everybody was very encouraging........Janice said I was doing great within 2 - 3 weeks ( I was singing next to her at the time). Lynne was very supportive.

• Velma and Mary who I sit between have been so helpful and kind....they make my night!

I have been a member now 3 months ...still feel progress is slow but I do see light.....still at the bottom of the hamster's ball though...





Welcome - couldn't have been better, most choir members made the effort to greet and introduce themselves on the first evening, it felt good.


Overall I am enjoying the experience and new members must realise (as I do) it will take a good year especially if you cannot read music to grasp the songs you already know but its great if its a new song for all as we are then on a level playing field.



I joined the choir last summer after seeing the advertisement in the Free Press.


I have no previous experience of singing nor any musical background but love singing.


I was very nervous to begin with, but kept going, there is always someone offering help, support and encouragement.  I really look forward to rehearsals, concerts and social events, and have made some lovely friends.

I would encourage anyone who enjoys singing to come along and give it a go.





My first rehearsal at choir was a lovely experience. I was gathered in and made welcome by everyone I came into contact with, not wanting to sing soprano (as I'd been struggling with top notes over the years) it made sense to join the mezzo section, it was a wise decision, and to sit next to my mentor, Mary, was most informative and enjoyable.


In my youth, singing had always been my pleasure, and after hearing the ROSSENDALE LADIES CHOIR on many occasions, was privileged to be part of this lovely choir.


Strangely, many of the first songs that I was to learn, were those which I had been taught at school,  Linden Lea,  Nightingale,  etc. and so, knowing the words, it was easier to learn the mezzo part.


I derived so much pleasure from singing with my lovely choir, that now nine years later, I still say that it was the best thing that I'd done in years.

Singing is a wonderful exercise!  Anon



Having recently retired and being relatively new to the area I wanted to meet new people. I have a great love of music and I was made very welcome by the members. I was quickly impressed at the quality and standard of singing and the great harmonies. I love the variety of the songs although many of them are new to me and difficult to learn. I have made friends and enjoy chatting and look forward to each choir practice. When I had to go to hospital in March for hip replacement, I felt very supported by the help and encouragement of many of the other ladies.

My only suggestion, PLEASE can people wear their name badges as it takes so much time to get to know everyone's names. Remember each new member is only one person, but there are about forty others that we have to get to know!


Kind regards, Veronica


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