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newspaper cutting July 2013


Singing as part of a choir or sporting crowd can be as beneficial to your health as yoga, scientists say.


They fond that when people perform in a choir their heartbeats become synchronised, and their pulses increase and decrease in union, which is good for the heart.


It has a dramatic effect on an individual's heart rate variability - the change of intervals between each beat - which is linked to a reduced risk of cardiac disease.


Choral singing has been given a boost recently by the TV series The Choir with Gareth Malone, which launched the Military Wives Choir.


Lead researcher Dr Bjorn Vickhoff said: 'When you are singing, the heartbeat for the whole group is going up and down simultaneously.  It helps you relax, and there are indications that it does provide a heart benefit.'


The study by Dr Vickhoff, of the Sahlgrenska Academy at Gothenburg University, Sweden, is published in the Journal Frontiers In Neuroscience.

Join Us


If you are interested in coming along to have a look at the choir with a view to joining, please contact the Secretary to make arrangements to come to a Wednesday night rehearsal, 7.30- 9.30.  You can sit amongst us and listen to what we sing and see how we rehearse.  The choir usually sings in three parts : Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano and Alto.  You will  initially be placed in the part you think is most comfortable for you, and then the conductor will privately see you to ascertain which section your vocal range is best suited to.


Joining the choir is a big commitment as you will be expected to rehearse regularly on Wednesday nights and attend the concerts and festivals which occur occasionally, often on Saturdays.  The Christmas period is also a busy concert time for us.  Once you are accepted as a member of the choir you will be given a uniform for performances and will need to start paying the monthly subscriptions of £16.00.  You will also be provided with the relevant sheet music. Both music and costumes purchased by the choir are choir property and must be returned promptly should you decide not to continue.


Choir is really good fun and many close friendships have been formed over the years.  We enthusiastically welcome new singers and enjoy the social events organised from time to time.  Sometimes we join together with Rossendale Male Voice Choir for concerts and events.


We work hard and focus strongly on improving our singing so that we can perform well for our audiences.  This builds excellent team spirit and it is good to belong to a group of people with a common aim.


Do give it a try!  If you feel that this is not for you after a few practices you wont have lost anything!    


You will be made very welcome.


Janice Crowley


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St Peter's Church

St Peter's Avenue, Haslingden, Rossendale  BB4 6NZ


Click the link then play the video to listen as composer John Rutter delves deeply into the importance of choir in all aspects of life, it takes a few moments before John's voice becomes audible.

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